Things Just Went From Bad To Worse For Cali Gov Newsom, Advisors Tell Him He’d Better Wake Up

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom is in hot water and he’s facing a very real recall election over his horrendous coronavirus restrictions. 

At a record pace, the group Rescue California has collected almost half of the needed 1.5 million petition signatures to form a recall ballot. 

Governor Newsom’s allies are warning him that the recall effort is legitament and if he doesn’t take it seriously he’s going to be removed as governor. 

That’s right according to advisors the best thing to do is to smear the enemy than help them.

California’s media is trying to claim conservatives are behind getting rid of Newsom and that the effort will fail. The attitude is the typical elitist’s behavior we continue to hear from liberals claiming that they know better. 

Here’s what they aren’t telling you…the recall effort is grassroots.

Viral videos of restaurant owners being shut down next movie sets with food tents have destroyed Newsom’s and health officials’ credibility. The coronavirus restrictions implemented by Newsom is not a partisan issue, Republicans aren’t the only people that own businesses that are being destroyed. It’s not Republicans that hate Newsom it’s the people of California that can’t stand Newsom’s ridiculous policies that even he doesn’t follow. 

Newsom dined without a mask, Newsom has kept his winery open, Newsom has never lost a paycheck during the pandemic, and Newsom’s kids have continued in-person education because his kids go to a very expensive private school. These are all things most Californians have been unable to do.

Below is a great example, this poor restaurant owner has had enough.

Sponsors of the recall have collected about 800,000 signatures but say they’ll need about 2 million to make up for fraudulent signatures. To help the effort a Sacramento Superior Court judge extended the deadline until March 17 because the pandemic has made it difficult to get signatures. 

Tom Del Beccaro, from Rescue California, reported that they are also raising the needed funds to pay for the recall. 

“Fundraising has picked up dramatically including $1 million in the last 10 days and we expect to have another million petitions in the mail within the next 10 to 14 days,” said Del Beccaro. 

Newsom has claimed the recall is a waste of money and that the $100 million need to fund the recall could be better spent supporting small businesses. The problem is that Newsom hasn’t done anything for small businesses except destroy them. 

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