Trump Makes Offer

Former President Donald Trump is back in the spotlight, challenging President Joe Biden to a no-holds-barred debate as the nation marks its 248th birthday. In a fiery social media post on Thursday, Trump suggested a second debate to address pressing national issues and put Biden’s competence to the test.

Trump’s challenge comes amid growing dissatisfaction among Democrats over Biden’s recent debate performance. Despite their frustrations, efforts to replace Biden have yet to gain traction. Trump seized on this sentiment, calling for a one-on-one debate with Biden to discuss the future of the country.

“Let’s do another Debate, but this time, no holds barred,” Trump proposed. “The ratings were massive for the First Debate, record-setting, in fact, but this one, because of the format, would blow everything away!”

In his post, Trump outlined several contentious topics for the proposed debate. He urged Biden to explain his stance on open borders, the influx of undocumented individuals, the inclusion of transgender athletes in women’s sports, the push for electric vehicles, and the soaring inflation rates. “It would also, under great pressure, prove his ‘competence,’ or lack thereof,” Trump added. “Likewise, it would be yet another test for me. What a great evening it would be, just the two of us, one on one, in a good, old-fashioned Debate, the way they used to be. ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE!!!”

Trump also took aim at ABC News host George Stephanopoulos, who was set to interview Biden on Friday. He criticized Stephanopoulos as “one of the worst and most vile Broadcasters in the business,” referencing past controversies involving the network. Trump accused Stephanopoulos of being overly lenient in his interviews with Biden and called for a more rigorous examination.

“The meanest and most vicious Interviewer out there is George Slopadopoulos of FAKE NEWS ABC, one of the worst and most vile Broadcasters in the business — In fact, the home of disgraced ‘reporter’ Brian Ross whose reporting on the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax was so outlandish that ABC, after defending him at levels not seen before, was forced to put him, and their reputation, out to pasture,” Trump said. “Now ABC, and Liddle’ George, a tiny, angry man, can make up for their past indiscretions and journalistic failures by doing a real interview with Crooked Joe, not a cut up promotion with only his few coherent answers released to the public.”

“Let the World know why Joe directed and allowed his Department of Injustice, and others, to illegally attack his Political Opponent, ME,” Trump wrote. He also questioned Biden’s use of prosecutors linked to George Soros and specifically targeted Special Counsel Jack Smith. “The proof is irrefutable – Crooked Joe is a COWARD!!! MAGA2024,” Trump concluded.

So, folks, what do you think of Trump’s challenge and his sharp critique of Biden’s performance and the media? As the political landscape heats up, this potential debate could become a pivotal moment.