Inside Job: Facebook Top Brass Is Hip Deep With Biden In Ukraine Policy While VP & Helping With Hunter Problem

It’s time to revise 230 that is letting the tech tyrants run rampant it has been discovered that top brass at Facebook is advising Biden.

Facebook’s global policy manager for content regulation, Anna Makanju, helped Biden craft his policy on Ukraine while he was Vice President.

It truly is Trump against everyone.

During the impeachment process Makanju defended Biden from wrongdoing and now we know why, she has skin in the game.

Her position also makes sense why Facebook is suppressing the New York Post story.

Makanju is also a fellow at the Atlantic Council, which joined with Facebook in 2018 to promote “election integrity” around the world.

Her bio at the group exposes her ties with Biden:

Anna Makanju is a nonresident senior fellow with the Transatlantic Security Initiative. She is a public policy and legal expert working at Facebook, where she leads efforts to ensure election integrity on the platform. Previously, she was the special policy adviser for Europe and Eurasia to former US Vice President Joe Biden, senior policy adviser to Ambassador Samantha Power at the United States Mission to the United Nations, director for Russia at the National Security Council, and the chief of staff for European and NATO Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

A 2019 article published in the Washington Post mentions that Makanju – part of the top brass at Facebook in charge of content suppression – strongly defended Biden from allegations that he did anything wrong.

From the Washington Post:

Anna Makanju, Biden’s senior policy adviser for Ukraine at the time, also listened to the calls and said release of the transcripts would only strengthen Biden’s case that he acted properly. She helped Biden prepare for the conversations and said they operated at a high level, with Biden using language such as Poroshenko’s government being “nation builders for a transformation of Ukraine.”

A reference to a private company such as Burisma would be “too fine a level of granularity” for a call between Biden and the president of another country, Makanju told The Fact Checker. Instead, she said, the conversation focused on reforms demanded by the International Monetary Fund, methods to tackle corruption and military assistance. An investigation of “Burisma was just not significant enough” to mention, she said.

It’s about to get more difficult for big tech and the Biden campaign to ignore the story because Hunter Biden’s jailed business partner just flipped. No longer will big tech be able to say that the information being published was hacked or stolen.


Here they are going through the emails.

Biden’s team didn’t call a lid until Thursday because of the debate, they called a lid because the Hunter Biden email story is about to go nuclear.