Total Moron: AOC Attacks On Relief Bill Prove She’s Living In Another Universe

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a total moron and after her complaint about the coronavirus relief bill it proves she lives in a whole other universe.

Over the weekend Republicans worked in good faith with Democrats to pass a relief bill for the American people. Then at the last minute House Speaker Nancy Pelosi killed the bill when she announced she was putting together her own plan. As a result, all hope for getting relief to Americans was held hostage for her liberal pork fill bill.

After taking heat for almost two full days Pelosi relented and allowed Schumer to work with Republicans in the Senate to get a bill done.

According to the White House, the bill includes:

The deal includes $500 billion for a major corporate liquidity program through the Federal Reserve, $367 billion for a small business loan program, $100 billion for hospitals and $150 billion for state and local governments.

Under the plan, people making up to $75,000 a year are expected to receive checks for $1,200. Couples making up to $150,000 would receive $2,400, with an additional $500 per child.

The payments would decrease for those making more than $75,000, with an income cap of $99,000 per individual or $198,000 for couples.

The bill will also float salaries for at least eight weeks for those laid off as a result of the coronavirus.

Senator Chuck Schumer also said that they are working with the President to start getting money into the hands of the American people by April 6th.

Then comes one of the biggest idiots ever to serve in the United States Congress Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who said, “Just a reminder that there is absolutely no good reason why Senate Republicans are tying a historic corporate giveaway to getting relief money in the hands of families. They could just authorize sending checks to families today, right now, & deal with the rest. But they refuse.”

The coronavirus bill is delivering money directly to families and covering people’s paychecks to those that aren’t able to work, not to mention her party was the whole reason the bill needed to be renegotiated.

What planet is this woman living on?

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