‘Tough Guy’ Mask Shamer Gets Way More Than He Bargained For After Harassing A Pregnant Woman (VIDEO)

A mask shamer looking for fame wished to go viral posting shaming a woman at a grocery store. Oh, the video went viral all right but, not the way he expected too.

A twitter user called @Bameron2 posted a video of him proudly shaming a woman.

“Just embarrassed an anti-masked in Wegmans besties,” he wrote. “You allow anti-maskers in your establishment even with a state mask mandate??? I asked your management to remove her from the store and yur management responded POORLY as if it wasn’t a big deal and they did absolutely nothing. shame on you.”

The man then calls her disgusting and shames her for her privilege despite the woman telling him that she’s pregnant and has breathing issues.

The user thought he was a hero but as the video spread through the interwebs people began to comment he was a bully. The backlash was so severe it forced the user to delete the video and made his account private.

Below is an example of the comments…

Below is the complete video: