Trial Run? Audit Of Iowa Caucus Reveals DNC Meddling

It’s official the DNC has been caught meddling in the circus that was the Democrat caucus earlier this year.

In February there were constant foul-ups that hindered the state from reporting a winner mainly due to a mobile app.

According to an audit done by the State of Iowa, the conversion tool had coding errors that spit out inaccurate numbers.

From Politico:

 The report pins the blame squarely on the DNC for the heart of the problem on caucus night — the delay in the reporting of the results. According to the report, the DNC demanded the technology company, Shadow, build a conversion tool just weeks before the caucuses to allow the DNC to have real-time access to the raw numbers because the national party feared the app would miscalculate results. The DNC’s data system used a different database format than Shadow’s reporting app, which caused multiple problems.

“Attempting to graft an entirely new software element onto the back-end reporting system at the proverbial eleventh hour is likely always going to be problematic, and it was ultimately the cause of a major problem on caucus night,” the report concludes. “Furthermore, the IDP was not involved in the development of this tool. The IDP simply permitted the DNC to direct the IDP’s vendor.”

A DNC mandatory tool has been determined as the culprit. The report states:

“When the DNC’s database conversion tool failed to work correctly, it caused the DNC to wrongly stop the IDP from reporting its results, and the IDP’s entire planned reporting process was thrown into disarray,” the report says. “The DNC’s interjection was the catalyst for the resulting chaos in the boiler room and in the IDP’s attempts to manually collect and confirm caucus results by hand. If the DNC had not interjected itself into the results reporting process based on its erroneous data conversion, caucus night could conceivably have proceeded according to the IDP’s initial plan.”

Bonnie Campbell, the former attorney general of Iowa conducted the audit, the only major entity that refused to cooperate was the DNC.

The report shows that the DNC contributed to the delay of the software saying the DNC “aggressively interjected itself in all of the IDP’s technology endeavors.”

Since the app failed and hand recounts were done, Pete Buttigieg won the caucus, Joe Biden placed 4th.