Video: Trump Causes Liberal Meltdown After He Roasts Biden’s Cognitive Ability

President Trump pulled no punches during his trip to the border with Texas Governor Greg Abott and even debunked a fake news stunt.

Trump was asked if Biden should take a cognitive test and his response was, “I’d like to see Biden ace it— he won’t ace it.”

Trump also mocked Vice President Kamala Harris stating that, “We’re going over to the border right now— but we’re going to the real part of the border where there are real problems— not a part where you look around and you don’t see anybody.”

The mainstream media claimed to be furious because Governor Abbott and his staff refused to allow them to turn the event into a spectacle. CNN’s Jim Acosta was fuming that “non-pool” outlets (like OAN) were allowed to attend the event.

However, it was fake news, Abbott’s office sent out multiple press releases last week stating they would putting limitations on who could attend.

Jim Acosta was mad because he got booed.

Liberals also lost their minds after President Trump joked about Biden’s cognitive ability. Trump definitely got under their skin because deep down inside they know he’s right; below are some of their comments.