Trump Calls DOJ ‘Gestapo’ Over Biden’s Docs

President Trump has some things to say about how the Department of Justice is treating the sitting president in the midst of his scandalous classified document issue.

Trump believes that Biden’s personal attorneys have made deals with the “Gestapo” at the DOJ to ensure that their man gets “soft treatment” for keeping the documents. 

This week the DOJ reportedly declined to assign FBI agents to monitor the search of Biden’s home after an agreement was made with the president’s attorneys. 

Officials believed that FBI supervision would “overly complicate” the federal investigation and that it was unnecessary. 

“Biden is being treated so much [sic] better than me, I’m shocked (not really!). Why aren’t they raiding his house, & how come his representatives and lawyers are allowed to work together with the Gestapo [sic] in looking for documents, when my lawyers & representatives were not allowed anywhere near the search,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

Trump went on to describe that his team was not even allowed to know what the FBI took when they raided his home in Florida. He said that forced his people to vacate the home and then took everything including his passport and medical records. 

One of Biden’s attorney’s found an envelope with 10 classified documents in it from his time as vice president. These came from a private office the president used at the Penn Biden Center, a D.C. think tank. 

Then Biden’s team searched his homes in Rehoboth Beach and Wilmington, and classified documents were found on three separate occasions.  

Trump is not alone, House Republicans have been critical of the incident because of the obvious double standard being displayed by the Justice Department. 

House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has called on the White House to hand over visitor logs of guests to Biden’s homes.