Trump Declares Midterms Were Not His Fault, Look at Who He Blames – Watch

Former President Donald Trump explained why the GOP fared so poorly in the midterm elections, and he made it clear that it did not have anything to do with him. 

Trump started his “Truth Social” post with: “It’s not my fault,” and then squarely laid the blame on pro-life voters and the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

When asked whether he would back a national abortion ban recently, he said that the “abortion issue” was handled poorly by Republicans and spoke against the “no exceptions” base in the pro-life constituency. 

This triggered some intense backlash from many in the pro-life group. Ben Domenech took the offensive against Trump’s claims and declared that zero Republican candidates think abortion should be banned when a mother’s life is at risk.

He also said that most of the pro-life GOP candidates won their elections and mentioned DeSantis, Kemp, Abbott, DeWine, and others down the list. He said all the Senate candidates who won were pro-life too.

Domenech also debunked Trump’s claim that when pro-life voters got what they wanted from the Supreme Court, they “disappeared never to be seen again.” He said there was no evidence to support that, in fact, the GOP maxed out its voters. 

He also chastised Trump for not spending any of his money in Arizona and said that if he had, Blake and Lake could have won. 

The last thing Domenach focused on was how stupid it is for Trump to lose the goodwill of pro-life voters. This will certainly backfire against him in the 2024 primary. 

Some have suggested that Trump was a more harmful factor in the election than abortion was, and this recent slam against pro-life voters will certainly deepen that potential harm.