Trump Derangement Infects Jerk Actor After Appalling Comments About Coronavirus Cure And Pence

The Coronavirus has killed many people especially in China and Iran but that didn’t stop jerk actor Rob Delaney from using the virus in an appalling attack on Vice President Pence.

The star of Amazon Studios “Catastrophe” posted some pictures of the vice president with the caption, “Mike Pence is informed it’s impossible to develop a coronavirus strategy that will only help white people.”

President Trump has appointed Vice-President Pence to coordinate the USA’s response to the coronavirus.

While serving as governor of Indiana Pence worked hard to contain the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS). Once appointed Pence came under attack from the media that blamed him for an outbreak of HIV that occurred in a rural part of Indiana. The spread was a result of intravenous drug addicts continuing to share the same dirty needles.

Breitbart News reports that this isn’t the first time Delaney has attacked the President or his staff:

Rob Delaney has repeatedly attacked President Trump and his administration on social media and on his Amazon shows. The actor has called President Trump a “Nazi cunt” while Catastrophe referred to the U.S. as a “white nationalist ethno state.”

The Deadpool actor new stand-up special on Amazon Prime also devotes a significant portion of its running time to mocking President Trump. When the special debuted in early January, Delaney tweeted that President Trump “can gargle my piss after drinking it out of Mike Pence’s bellybutton.

Breitbart News