Trump Hammers Biden For Wanting Americans Lockdown But Allowing Open Borders, ‘Your Families Still Cannot Go Out To Eat At Local Restaurants But Joe Biden Is Bringing In Thousands Upon Thousands Of…

Former President Trump spoke at CPAC and he hammered Biden for wanting Americans to be locked down however is allowing thousands of refugees into the country.

Trump was commenting that Biden plans on increasing refugee resettlement by nearly 960 percent next Fiscal Year.

“[Biden’s] already increased refugee admissions by nearly ten times, but in effect, it will soon be hundreds of times as millions of people flow up through our soon-to-be open borders,” Trump said.

“Your families still cannot go out to eat at local restaurants but Joe Biden is bringing in thousands upon thousands of refugees from all over the world — people that nobody knows anything about,” Trump continued. “We don’t have crime records, we don’t have health records, what are they bringing in with them?”

He also attacked Biden’s immigration policy.

“Within this first few hours, Biden eliminated our national security travel bans on nations plagued by terrorism. His first priority was to open our borders to unvetted travelers from Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and many other countries where strict vetting cannot occur … countries that have tremendous terrorism problems,” Trump added.

Trump committed that he is going to help the Republicans win the House.

When President Trump took to the podium he asked…

Trump also called on Republican controlled states to pass legislation to regulate big tech companies.

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