Trump Jr. Offers To Help Texas Girl After Nasty Liberal Parents Do The Unthinkable

Donald Trump jr. may be amending a wedding in December after a viral video caught his attention.

Tracy Boettcher posted a few on the social media platform Tik Tok and said her parents refuse to attend her wedding because her fiancée is a conservative. Boettcher explains that her parents what nothing to do with an ideological outsider.

“My parents hate my fiance because he’s a conservative and they’re liberal,” the woman says in a video seen more than a million times on Twitter. “They refuse to go to our wedding, and they gave me an ultimatum of choosing between him or them. So, I chose myself and I chose what would make me happiest in the long run. And my mother told me I was incapable of being loved or being in a relationship because I was assaulted when I was 17. So, I chose my fiance, and I will be walking myself down the aisle in December. So, if anyone has a dad that would like to walk me down the aisle, let me know.”

The video ended up on Twitter and Trump Jr. replied, “Really sad and touching at the same time,” he tweeted. “Good for her for standing up to the nonsense. P.S. If she doesn’t find someone better count me in. I’ll walk her down the isle [sic]. [Let me know].”

Here’s the happy couple below, so much for open-minded liberals.