Trump Just Hoodwinked Media And They Don’t Even Know It Yet

It started this week and we can expect more of it.

The media turned the President’s press conference into a clown show but he has found a way to get around them again and it’s working.

When the President started daily press conferences to handle the coronavirus his approval numbers went through the roof. They were fact-filled, informative but over time the press destroyed them turning them into a clown show. They did succeed in bringing the President’s approval numbers down and yes I know that the only poll that matters is in November but we are in the middle of a pandemic the press was destroying all the good things the President has done.

What the Trump administration has done is very similar to what they did when the press wouldn’t stop harassing then Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Smith, they took away the press’s ability to grandstand. Instead of daily press briefings, the President would conduct impromptu press gaggles as he was getting aboard Marine One. During the gaggles the only person on camera was the President as he took questions, you could barely hear the press speak. They couldn’t get notoriety for calling the President out because you could barely hear them and you couldn’t see them.

Expertly the President is taking back the initiative, meet the President at work. Since the President isn’t traveling he is doing the same type of press gaggles in the oval office while the task force works hard for the American people. Take Wednesday’s gaggle for instance, the President and his team in total control without any stupid questions from the media.

This was also from Wednesday and this is great news.

Here’s another great example this was on Tuesday…

During his podcast “War Room” former White House strategist Steve Bannon eluded that the President was going to take control because the press conferences were turning into a mud fight. He said Americans need to see the President at work and that Americans should expect to see that soon.

That is what we are seeing now, the President and his team doing great things for the country.