Trump Makes a Surprise Visit to D.C. and the Left Goes Bonkers

Sometimes the left looks a whole lot like rabid dogs foaming at the mouth when it comes to former President Donald Trump. That’s exactly what it was like when reports hit social media that Trump was in Washington D.C. on Monday wearing golf attire.
Conspiracy theories started immediately. One person said that maybe he was being rushed to Walter Reed hospital for a medical emergency. You can imagine Trump’s opponents wringing their hands in glee over that.
Another person questioned that he might have been plucked from a golf course so that the Department of Justice could finally be taking his official mug shot. That probably got some squeals from the left.
This all started when Trump was spotted in Virginia’s Dulles Airport on Monday and that trip was unannounced.
Trump finally revealed his reason for being in the nation’s capital himself on his Truth Social media platform. Trump attempted to quell rumors, saying that he was visiting the Trump National Golf Course and that he would be “working” there.
“Working today at @TrumpWashingtonDC on the Potomac River,” Trump wrote on Truth Social, alongside a link to his golf course’s official website. “What an incredible place!”
It wasn’t ’t long before Newsweek put it out there that he was in fact visiting his own golf course and he would be working from there.
Sorry folks, no heart attack, and there would be no handcuffs involved.
Andrew Leyden was the reporter who first broke the story of Trump’s visit to D.C.
One has to wonder whether this “unannounced” trip to Washington, D. C. was just a slick move by the former president to mess with his enemies.
What kind of chaos will ensue when he officially announces his run for the presidency in 2024?
This kind of story is never boring.

Take a look at some of the crazy media: