Trump Son’s Smeared and AOC Jumps on Board – Watch

This wacky story started when Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler spread a misleading story about the two older Trump sons, Don, Jr., and Eric. He said that the Trump boys were posting a picture of the daughter of the judge in the Trump case “obviously intended to intimidate.”

This was proven not to be true and an intentional smear of the former president and his family. What they did do was link to a story showing that the judge’s daughter worked for Kamala Harris. 

The story also showed that the judge’s daughter’s consulting company, of which she was allegedly the president, represented the Biden-Harris campaign. 

That sounds like a very relevant fact for the public to know about.

What makes this story so much worse is how  Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) jumped on it. 

“Because nothing says “innocent” like threatening a judge’s family.”

This is just perpetuating an outright lie. There was no threat, but with AOC, the facts just do not matter when it comes to smearing and taking out your political opponents.

AOC posted this: “Let’s be very clear: intimidation and stochastic terror are the core tools of Trump and the fascist movements that support him. They rely on it to skirt consequence and silence others – and each time it works, they grow more brazen. One reason why accountability is so important.”

The Democrats are the ones who know about intimidation.

Do you remember Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), then the House Speaker, encouraging people to get out there to make the justices change their votes on the pending abortion Dobbs case so Roe would not be overturned? She told the people that time was limited and the judges needed to be forced to do what they wanted. 

And then the left proceeded to stalk the judges outside of their homes. 

AOC has learned those lessons well.