Trump Was Right! Media Caught With Their Pants Down Over COVID Claim, Now Deleting Posts, Amending Articles

Trump was right again and now the many in the media are deleting tweets and amending articles to wash over their reports from last year.

Experts and Republicans are pushing for the intelligence surrounding the Wuhan Institute of Virology to be released. Virologist and Republicans want more information about the intelligence collected inferring that the coronavirus may have accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology while doing gain-of-function research.

The push is causing a buzz in Washington as many in the media are beginning to realize that their sources in the deep state lied to them in order to hurt Trump and that the lab leak hypothesis is very real (not that the media didn’t mind pushing a lie).

However, to keep their “credibility” journalist who once mocked anyone suggesting the lab leak theory have done a 180 degree turn. These same members of the media are rewriting stories so that history shows they were right.

Unfortunately for them, Washington Post contributor Josh Rogan, the right wing media, and the internet (because the internet remembers everything) aren’t letting them off the hook.

Below is the claimed fact checkers of the internet Politi-fact trying to cover their rear ends. You’ll notice the “editors note” they placed debunking their article attacking Tucker Carlson over the lab leak hypothesis. Facebook used the below Politi-fact post to censor and ban people.

Josh Rogan isn’t letting his fellow journalists off the hook either and called them out.