Trump’s Attorney Latest Court Filing In Fulton County Gets A Lot Of Reaction

A recent report published on Friday showed that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and the special prosecutor she named in the case against former President Donald Trump had a romantic relationship before he was hired.

The report, based on cellphone data, revealed that the special prosecutor made numerous trips to Willis’ neighborhood before being hired, contradicting their testimony in an evidentiary hearing earlier this month.

The report has received strong reactions from lawyers and political pundits, with many calling for the disqualification of Willis and the special prosecutor, Nathan Wade.

Journalist Megyn Kelly called the revelation “stunning” and stated that it provided more evidence that the two prosecutors had lied under oath. She suggested that they could face perjury charges and other disciplinary action.

Attorney and legal analyst Phil Holloway highlighted the discrepancy between the testimony of Willis and Wade and the cellphone data, stating that it could be interpreted as either perjury or misleading testimony. He also noted that the judge overseeing the case may consider this as part of a “fraud on the court” and could refer the matter for further investigation and prosecution.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley also weighed in, stating that if the court believes that the prosecutors lied under oath, they could face prosecution or disciplinary action from the bar. He also expressed concerns about the prosecutors’ continued involvement in the case, stating that it is damaging not just to the case but also to their office’s integrity.

The judge has scheduled a hearing on March 1 to consider the potential disqualification of Willis and Wade. This latest development has raised serious questions about the integrity of the case and the motivations behind the prosecutors’ actions. It also highlights the importance of maintaining professionalism and avoiding conflicts of interest in high-profile cases.

Overall, this report has sparked a heated debate and brought further scrutiny to the case against Trump. It remains to be seen what repercussions Willis and Wade will face.