Tucker Carlson Names the One Person Who Could Replace Biden – Watch

In a recent Twitter episode from former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, the popular pundit shared about unraveling democracy and the only person the left could rely on to replace Joe Biden.

“We are currently fighting a war for democracy on behalf of a leader who just casually announced he’s happy to end democracy and our democracy and supporting leaders have no problem with that,” he said, “in fact, they’re strongly for it.”

Carlson was referring to President Zelensky’s response to a reporter wondering if elections will be held next year.

“If we win, there will be an election next year,” the Ukrainian leader said. “Elections should be held in peacetime when there is no war…”

“That’s not just any autocrat, that’s our chief ally in the war for democracy,” Carlson pointed out, adding that President Biden just reaffirmed America’s commitment to supporting Ukraine’s “defense and its sovereignty and its territorial integrity.”

“You should have seen this coming,” Carlson said. “Wars for democracy always cancel democracy in the process – that’s why our leaders love them and they all do it – even The Virtuous leaders Abraham Lincoln suspended habeas corpus, the British government under Winston Churchill threw an entire opposition party into prison and let them rot for the duration – in some cases with their families.

“So in a war for democracy you can do anything,” he continued. “Imagine what a man might do who has fewer principles. If that man, say, ran Ukraine, he might seize churches, arrest priests, ban all criticism of himself, disappear his political opponents, and that’s happening.”

“The people who control Joe Biden – Susan Rice and the rest – know they can continue to run our government, writing the press releases, formulating the policies, and they can do it effectively forever, as long as Joe Biden gets dressed in the morning, and of course that’s their strong preference,” he said.

But the one thing people can’t control is Biden’s age, Carlson noted, arguing that his decline is occurring rapidly.

“In a year or two he will be gone completely and there will be no hiding it,” he said. “At that point the Democratic Party will face a secession problem.”

“We don’t know obviously this is all just guessing but we do know whoever that is will have to have two essential criteria: he’ll have to be as shallow, ruthless, and transactional as Joe Biden is, and he’ll need to have flattery skills that are so polished and advanced they’d be considered superior even in the Saudi Royal Court and there’s only one man in modern America who fits that description: Gavin Newsom, the governor of California and perhaps not coincidentally Joe Biden’s new closest friend.”