Tucker Carlson Not So Pensive Regarding Pence…He’s Delusional About 2024!

Tucker Carlson is not putting up with what seems delusional from former Vice President Mike Pence. The former vice president is presently in New Hampshire flapping his wings in hopes of somehow flying as a real presidential candidate.

After storming the country on the Trump train, Pence thinks that he can run for president “another way” in 2024. He thinks he can not only beat Trump but begin a brand new era in GOP politics. 

Pence has lashed out at conservatives for criticizing the FBI following their raid of Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago. He talked about the sanctity of the bureau. 

It’s as though the man never did even look at his previous constituency. 

We have a slew of evidence that the FBI has done corrupt things. We can look at the FISA abuse, the text messages of Peter Strzok, the Steele Dossier, and calling parents of school children “domestic terrorists” because they opposed the critical race theory. 

Notice that I haven’t even gone back to Hillary and the ineptitude of Comey. 

So Tucker thinks Pence is “delusional” if he believes he can become the new leader of the GOP when he is not even willing to deal with the realities within the FBI.

Talking with Laura Ingraham, Tucker said, “He should fire anyone who is telling him to go to New Hampshire and run for President and give dumb speeches about the FBI when he has no idea what he is talking about.”

And now Pence is saying that he would be willing to testify to the House Committee investigating the attack on the Capitol.

“If there was an invitation to participate, I’d consider it,” Pence said. “But you’ve heard me mention the Constitution a few times this morning. (Through) the Constitution, we have three co-equal branches of government and any invitation that would be directed to me, I would have to reflect on that.”

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