Tucker Nails Both Biden and Fox News Over ‘Wannabe Dictator’ Mess – Watch

Tucker Carlson was back at it in full swing the other night and he went straight after Biden and Fox News for the controversy over the “wannabe dictator” comment.

Fox News faced massive outrage after a chyron that accused Joe Biden of being a “wannabe dictator” during a split screen shared with Donald Trump. The producer who made the decision was forced to resign.

Carlson opened his latest Twitter episode with that topic, he started by talking about his former employer and how silly it was to fire the producer. And then he moved to how legit it was to think of Biden as a dictator.

According to Red State:

“For over ten minutes, Carlson walked through example after example, drenched in sarcasm, illustrating how it’s perfectly fair to suggest Biden is a wannabe dictator. He hit on the Biden family’s penchant for enriching themselves via government corruption. He nailed Biden himself for having his chief political rival arrested. Carlson even managed to point out that dictators have children that run and do whatever they want with legal impunity, much like Hunter Biden.

At another point, the monologue touched on online censorship, another hallmark of dictatorships. Carlson noted the arrest of Ashli Babbit’s mother as well. Later, compared Biden to Kim Il Sung, who had a massive tumor growing on the back of his neck, yet the nation’s press would never mention it. The obvious correlation there is the American press’ refusal to address any of Joe Biden’s cognitive and physical decline.”

Tucker ended his monologue noting the creepy, cultish language recently used by Biden in proclaiming that all of the children of parents across the nation were “all our children.”

The dictator comment is really not that far off, and Tucker is back at it in full swing.

Take a look for yourself.