Tulsi Gabbard Says You Can Still Smell Derailment…Blasts Biden – Watch

GOP leaders are walking the streets of East Palestine Ohio, and what is echoing amidst the rubble of the disastrous train derailment is where are the Democrats. 

Let’s be more precise, where are Joe and Pete?

The latest Republican leader to visit the town is former Hawaii congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. She said that she wanted to visit the Ohio town and see firsthand the aftermath of the train derailment that devastated the community. 

“Flew in tonight, headed to East Palestine. Came to see firsthand what [Joe] Biden & [Pete] Buttigieg refuse to,” Gabbard wrote on Twitter. She pointed out that Biden promised more funding for Ukraine and not for Ohio. 

She also wrote that the president had time to travel across the Atlantic and he also had another $500M of taxpayer’s money for Zelensky. But he did not have time or money for people in Ohio who are getting sick from the water and the air that was supposedly declared “clear.”

Gabbard showed on Instagram how some of the railroad tracks are just 50 yards from people’s homes. 

“When you think about the danger of what we just saw with the catastrophe – this toxic catastrophe – here in East Palestine because of this train derailment, and, we understand that there are now estimated 1,700 train derailments across the country…” Gabbard explained. 

She also said that you can still smell the derailment that occurred last month. 

Gabbard blasted the Biden administration for refusing to visit East Palestine after the train derailment. 

“They’re there and they’re not paying attention to them because they don’t care. They see themselves as masters and they see the rest of us as adversaries and subjects. The American people are basically an afterthought,” she said. “More and more people are suffering, begging for help and still those in power showing they really don’t care. They care more about themselves. They’re not there, and they’re not paying attention to them because they don’t care.”