The View Host Faces Backlash Over Claim

Co-hosts on the popular ABC News show “The View” got into a heated discussion about climate change and its supposed connection to recent natural phenomena.

The conversation quickly turned into a platform for leftist co-host Sunny Hostin to espouse her ridiculous beliefs about the subject. In an attempt to mock Christians, Hostin suggested that the solar eclipse and an earthquake on the East Coast were both caused by climate change.

“I know, right? I have to say, one of our wonderful makeup artists…when the earthquake was happening, she put her coat on, and she was, like, Jesus is coming. I’m out. I’m leaving. We got a solar eclipse. We’ve got an earthquake. She ran down the hallway,” Hostin said in mocking Christians. “The Rapture is here.”

“Also, I learned that the cicadas are coming. For the first time in a hundred years,” she continued. “This is for the first time in many, many years.”

Later, Hostin said, “All those things together would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists or something is really going on.”

This outlandish claim was quickly shut down by her fellow co-hosts, who pointed out the absurdity and scientific inaccuracy of her statement. Joy Behar reminded Hostin that earthquakes are not at the mercy of climate change and Whoopi Goldberg called out her ignorance by stating that eclipses are a well-known astronomical event.

Not only were Hostin’s comments baseless and ignorant, they were also offensive. Mocking religious beliefs and fear-mongering about natural events is not only distasteful, it’s dangerous. This kind of rhetoric only serves to spread misinformation and fear, rather than engaging in productive discussions about real issues.

The fact that Hostin, a prominent figure on a major news network, holds such misguided and uninformed views about climate change is a testament to the left’s tendency to prioritize feelings over facts. This kind of thinking has permeated our society and is resulting in destructive policies being implemented in the name of “saving the planet.”

Let’s hope that in the future, Hostin and other leftists will come to the same realization and start engaging in meaningful discussions instead of spreading baseless and harmful misinformation.