Twitter Employee Goes Toe to Toe with Musk…Now He’s Fired – Watch

If you were an employee at Twitter right now and wanted to keep your job, do you think you would go toe to toe with Elon Musk publicly on social media? That is exactly what one of the executives from California did recently. 

This guy is most certainly a part of the California culture that seems to be in a bubble when compared to the rest of the country. They are a coastal elite lost in self-interest and virtue signaling. 

Eric Frohnheofer is the Twitter employee that just doesn’t get how the real world operates. He found himself fired after he went after Tesla/Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

The story that ended with him losing his job began when Musk apologized for Twitter’s slowness in several countries. Frohnheofer decided to quote-tweet Musk and actually called him a liar on the social media platform. 

“I have spent ~6yrs working on Twitter for Android and can say this is wrong,” said Frohnhoefer.

Must quickly respond by asking the Twitter employee to give him the correct number of RPC’s and then the new CEO followed up with a tweet asking him right out in the open what Frohnhoefer has done to fix the actual problem.

Frohnhoefer tried to spell the problem out, but Musk decided and then responded to a user saying that the attitude Frohnhoefer displayed wasn’t one Musk would want at his new company.

“He’s fired,” tweeted the CEO.

After Musk’s disciplinary tweet, two sides formed on the issue very quickly. Some believed that Musk died the employee for knowing more than he did and for his hutzpah in going toe to toe with his CEO.

And the other side seemed to understand Musk’s actions were provoked by an employee’s willingness to defy the boss in a public forum. If he was allowed to do this, he would have become a leader of corporate defiance. The company should not have to deal with such turbulence.