Video: Unhinged Liberals Are Exposed Trying To Intimidate A GOP Senators Vote

As tensions increase and Republican Senators become united during the Senate impeachment trial liberals are getting desperate. Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is being targeted by unhinged liberals and her office just exposed what they have done to try and intimidate her.

This week, Collins’s office released several voicemails showing how rabid these crazy liberals are.

“You’re a disgrace! A disgrace to this country. Not just to the Senate, but to your country. You’re a traitor. You’re a f—ing traitor,” one man said.

“You’re going to lose, Susan Collins. You’re going to lose. You’re just a little b—h for Donald Trump,” a woman said.

“Are you in some kind of satanic cult? I don’t understand why you’re doing the devil’s work,” another woman said. “I truly am confused as to why you hate America.”

Collins said that her staff also received the same type of voicemails in September 2018 just before the confirmation vote for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, one of those calls wished that Collins’s 25-year-old aid would be raped and impregnated.

Liberals are such nice people, aren’t they? (sarcasm)

A Portland Press-Herald columnist, Bill Nemitz once wrote that he believes Collins deserves the death threats she has received since President Trump has held office. Nemitz wrote, “Maybe it’s just me, but if I was experiencing all of those things, I’d start wondering what the heck I’m doing to tick so many people off.”

Or maybe Bill those threats are bought and paid for by the democrat party to intimidate the Senator. You gotta love liberals, founders of the #MeToo movement, trying to intimidate a woman to get their way.

Collins has a very tough battle ahead of her as she seeks her fifth term in office. Democrats are looking to try and flip her seat. No matter how Senator Collins decides to vote you will not see conservatives calling for the rape of a woman to get their agenda through. 

Washington Free Beacon