Absurd! San Fran Mayor Says PD Will No Longer Respond To…Wait For It…’Non Criminal Calls’

The city of San Francisco has announced that the police will no longer be responding to what they have deemed “non-criminal activities” which is part of a police reform plan announced by the mayor.

Mayor London Breed announced that police will no longer respond to neighbor disputes, reports about the homeless, school discipline interventions, and…wait for it…other non-criminal activities her office has yet to define.

The mayor’s proposal would replace sworn officers with “trained and non-armed professionals” who would respond to these deemed non-criminal activities. In the proposal the mayor states:

In order to limit unnecessary confrontation between the SFPD and the community, San Francisco will work to divert non-violent calls for service away from SFPD to non-law enforcement agencies. Over the next year, the City will develop a systematic response plan to improve direct connection to community-based or City service providers, such as the CAHOOTS model of crisis response or the Homeless Outreach Team or Street Medicine behavioral health professionals. This plan will also reduce the need for armed police interventions in our schools.

Mayor Breed also will “demilitarize police” by establishing “an explicit policy barring the use of military-grade weapons against unarmed civilians. This includes, but is not limited to, chemical weapons such as tear gas, bayonets, and tanks. This plan will call on SFPD to inventory and plan how to divest the Department of any such weapons currently in their possession by the end of 2021, and to create safeguards to disconnect the SFPD from federal grants for weapons of attack used against the community. “

The proposal also promises to “divest” from law enforcement to fund other programs.

“San Francisco has made progress reforming our police department, but we know that we still have significant work to do,” Breed said in a statement Thursday. “We know that a lack of equity in our society overall leads to a lot of the problems that police are being asked to solve. We are going to keep pushing for additional reforms and continue to find ways to reinvest in communities that have historically been underserved and harmed by systemic racism.”

Since Democrats think this is such a great idea, let’s pilot this proposal in Speaker Pelosi’s neighborhood.

If you own property in San Fransisco and the crap flowing down the street hasn’t killed your property tax, you may want to get out now.

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