Unrest Increases In NYC Despite Cease Fire Between Israel & Gaza

Jews are being beaten and attacked in New York City by pro-Palestinian mobs. Despite a cease fire between Israel and Gaza there is unrest all over the country, specifically New York City.

Below is some of the attacks taking place that are being ignored by the mainstream media, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and Mayor Bill Deblasio.

Independent Journalist, Andy Ngo pointed out that some of the tactics being used against Jews in New York are some of the same tactics used in Portland last summer.

Waseem Awawdeh, 23, was held on $10,000 bail in the Thursday attack, in which he is accused of beating Joseph Borgen, 29, with crutches and punching, kicking and pepper-spraying him.

“If I could do it again, I would do it again,” he told one of his jailers, according to a prosecutor at Awawdeh’s Saturday arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court. “I have no problem doing it again.”

However, he’s out on bail thanks to the progressive bail policy in New York City and one of his social media posts indicate he’s headed back out on the streets.

When released a group of young men called him a “hero.”

****Warning Explicit Language****

New York Post