US Ally Gives Trump A Big Thumbs Up Over Iran

As Democrats rail against the President for taking out a terrorist one of our strongest allies gives President Donald Trump a big thumbs up.

The foreign secretary of the UK Dominic Raab strongly supported the elimination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Raab told Sky News that President Trump did the right thing ordering the strike, “Let’s be very clear: he was a regional menace,” Raab said.

Raab continued saying that he completely understood the position the USA was in and that we have the absolute right to defend ourselves. He also told Sky News that the reasoning to why the President authorized the strike was completely valid.

“We understand the position that the Americans found themselves in, and they have a right to exercise self-defense. They have explained the basis on which that was done, and we are sympathetic to the situation they found themselves in.”

The UK ally said that they are on the same page with America and President Trump but, did admit that there is a risk that things with Iran could escalate, and that no one wants war.

During the interview, Raab said that the UK is going to find a balance in supporting the UN and not “aggravating Iran,” but that Iran cannot “continue with their aggressive behavior.” Raab made a very cheeky analogy and said that Iran can, “come in from the international cold if they want to engage in proper diplomacy that route is also available.”

Obama left a mess in Iran with that stupid deal that gave them all the leverage and millions of dollars. Even Democrats in the Senate strongly opposed that deal and it did nothing but embolden Iran. President Trump has now put a real “red line” in front of Iran and it’s good to see our Allies get behind us.

Sky News