US Fans Boycott? Fallout Continues To Hit Hollywood Hard After Movie Star Grovels Before The CCP Over Taiwan Statement

Hollywood is taking a beating after movie star and former WWE wrestler John Cena groveled before the CCP who threatened to cancel his blockbuster movie over statements about Taiwan.

Cena claims he misspoke when he stated Taiwan was a country and didn’t mean to insult the Chinese people.

Cena and Hollywood are getting roasted for the apology.

Fox News host Dana Perino responded to Cena’s apology after being asked by co-host Jaun Williams how could have Cena handled the situation better:

“I think they should’ve thought of that before and I think this is pitiful and it’s not attractive, let me tell you. I don’t find that attractive at all. Being bold is attractive, and when he’s basically doing is groveling and the thing that people like Cena need to understand, do you know what the Chinese then do with a video like that? They use it as absolute propaganda,” Perino replied.

“How much more money do you need? Be bold, stand up, Taiwan deserves our respect,” Perino continued, noting that when former President Donald Trump won the 2016 election he had called Taiwan first.

“That’s bold. And remember that, it was a huge thing, my gosh, how can you possibly do this? He was sending a message,” she concluded. “He didn’t care and that I think is really bold.”

Americans did not take kindly to Cena’s groveling either and voiced their discontent: