Liberal Judge Denies Groups Rights To Bear Arms In Virginia

Two gun rights groups that are hosting a rally where 130,000 2nd Amendment advocates are expected to attend are suing the Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam who declared a ban on guns – even for those that possess a permit- on capitol grounds during the rally.

“Governor Northam is behaving like the royal governors who long preceded him. He has arrogantly and brazenly tried to restrict the rights protected to Virginians by the First and Second Amendments,” said Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America.

The organization is also joining the Virginia Citizens Defense League in pursuing the lawsuit.

“Gun Owners of America is joining VCDL in asking the courts to issue an emergency injunction forbidding the enforcement of the governor’s unlawful ban. The Lobby Day rally is held annually with thousands of participants and without incident. The only difference this year is that, in response to the Democrats’ attempt to eviscerate the Second Amendment, a much larger crowd is expected,” said Pratt.

“GOA is arguing that the governor’s actions violate the Virginia and U.S. Constitutions, as well as, a 2012 state law which strictly limits the governor’s ability to ban guns in a state of emergency,” he concluded.

Earlier VCDL slammed the governor’s declaration saying that Virginia Democrats were trying to “smear” gun owners.

The VCDL notified it’s members in an alert stating:

VCDL believes that this gun ban is illegal. Our legal team is looking at our options and we will keep you advised as soon as we have a definitive plan. As it stands now, you can carry on 9th Street, or other nearby streets, as long as you don’t go into the fenced-in Capitol grounds area (or into any of the government buildings). There will be 17 magnetometers to speed up security for those wishing to be on the Capitol grounds, which puts you near the stage. You CAN have a knife with a blade LESS THAN 3 inches. Again, wait for final word on the Capitol grounds gun-ban situation over the weekend.”

On Friday morning Richmond Circuit Court Judge Joi Taylor struck down the lawsuit, WHSV 3 In Richmond is reporting:

The judge’s order Thursday came hours after the FBI announced the arrest of three alleged white supremacists in Maryland, two of whom authorities said had built a functional assault rifle using several parts and purchased large quantities of ammunition.

The FBI claims that they were going to attend the rally.


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