Vaccine Discrimination In The USA: Unvaxxed Teens Branded & Tracked At Prom, People Denied Entry To Parks

A woman is reporting that she was denied entry to a free public concert taking place at a public park because she is not vaccinated.

Restaurants and bars in New York City are also discriminating against unvaccinated Americans, no papers no service.

In New Hampshire unvaccinated students were tracked and number with a sharpie pen.

State Representative Melissa Litchfield (who is also a member of the School Board) announced on her facebook page that she is gathering further information about what took place at an Exeter New Hampshire High School Prom.

“I have had some constituents write to me angry about some things that went on at the event on Saturday evening,” she wrote. “These complaints revolved around confidentially surrounding those who did and did not receive the COVID 19 vaccine, and the labeling that came along with that.”

Parents were livid because the school gave them no notification, below is what one parent reported.

“Was pretty fired up today after learning that kids who weren’t vaccinated had a number written on them in Sharpie at the EHS prom last night. If they were on the dance floor they had to raise their hands after every three songs so their numbers could be recorded by other underclass students for contact tracing purposes. There’s even more to the story, but this alone is surprising to us. We truly feel they are literally branding our kids if they don’t get this experiential “emergency” approved vaccine…”

Below were some of the messages sent to Litchfield: