Victory! Northam’s Gun Confiscation Bill Gets Shot Down…Again

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s bill HB961 was shot down by Democrats in the Virginia Senate in another huge victory for gun rights advocates. For the second time, a Virginia Senate Committee blocked another gun confiscation bill.

Fox News Reports:

A crowd of gun-rights activists packed into the committee room cheered as the vote came in, with four moderate Democrats joining Republicans to shelve the bill until next year. Heated exchanges over guns have dominated this year’s legislative session. They were also a key topic of last year’s legislative elections – particularly after a mass shooting in Virginia Beach claimed a dozen lives – and gun control groups heavily funded Democratic candidates.

This is a major blow to Northam who has failed twice this year to pass an “assault weapons” confiscation bill. It appears that Democrats in Virginia Senate Judiciary have no stomach for any type bill.

“I have friends that are not going to comply,” warned Nicholas McGraw, a gun owner from King William County who came to protest the assault weapons bill on Feb. 7, before the measure died.

Other types of gun control bills have made it through in Virginia and became law. The legislation to restrict firearms in certain areas and buildings has passed, universal background checks have passed, a limit has been placed on people that can buy handguns, and red flag laws were also passed.

What made me smile the most is what Whitney Evans, an NPR correspondent reported, Democrat Senator Louise Louis called the Democrats in the Virginia Senate Judiciary a “bunch of wimps.”

You can watch the cheering erupt below when the Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee voted to table HB961 until next year.

Fox News