VIDEO: A Desperate Biden Thinks He’s Found New Scapegoat For Gas Prices After Blaming Putin Fails

The internal polling must have been bad because new talking points are out. After a week of claiming gas prices were Putin’s fault there’s a new scapegoat in town.

The president and his minions were wrong in thinking they could use the crisis in Ukraine as a scapegoat for historically high fuel costs. Even polling from the corporate media showed that Americans disapproved of Biden’s energy policies well before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Now a desperate Democrat party is looking for a new scapegoat and they think they’ve found it.

Putin is no longer responsible for gas prices, oil companies are.

The RNC isn’t cherry-picking either, the talking points have changed. Below is a post from Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer attacking oil executives instead of Russia.

Their solution to help Americans is to haul oil executives down to DC.

Rep. Adam Schiff is also pushing the new storyline as well.