Video: Agitator Tries To Start Violence At 2nd Amend Rally And The Crowd Response Was Perfect

In the days leading up to the 2nd Amendment rally in Virginia, there were fears of violence as Governor Ralph Northam fear mongered. Media outlets were calling this a “white nationalists” rally and were claiming this could be Charlottesville all over again.

There was never any concrete confirmation of what or who would commit the violence but, that didn’t stop politicians and the mainstream media from claiming this was going to be a dangerous rally.

One idiot (prob a liberal plant) at the rally did try to agitate the crowd and attendees at the rally were not having it. As you’ll see in the video one man attempted in a loud manner to asked another supporter if he wanted to “start a revolution” and jump the fence to kill “that guy [Governor Ralph Northam].” The protestor agreed to the revolution but when he heard the violent proposition he said nothing.

The interviewer asked others in the area what they thought and everyone in the crowd he spoke with made it very clear violence is not what this is about. No doubt the interviewer was a liberal plant there to fire up the crowd so the media could get their soundbite.

Stephen Gutowski of the Free Beacon who attended the rally said the environment was really fun.

Here are some of the interviews captured by Gutowski.

Below is the idiot trying to rile up the crowd and as you’ll see he failed miserably.

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