Video: Fact Checkers Busted! Another ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Comes True

On October 27, 2021 the fact checking website Politifact claimed that a post reporting Australia to Implement Quarantine Camps for the Unvaxxed” was a conspiracy theory.

The Facebook post from Charlie Kirk was flagged as “false misinformation.”

From Politifact:

The claim implies that anyone who is not vaccinated against COVID-19 will be placed in a quarantine facility based solely on their vaccination status, which is false. The planned facility is intended for travelers, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated.

Queensland plans to use the facility for fully vaccinated international students when they enter the country, and “the Premier believes (the facility) might also be valuable for travel for the unvaccinated,” according to Emmy Kubainski, a manager of external relations and services in Palaszczuk’s office.

Well, once again the fact checkers have been exposed.

In Australia the army is now taking people with positive COVID or those who have come in contact with a COVID positive person to “quarantine camps.”

Below is a video of Michael Gunner, Northern Territory’s  Chief Minister announcing more lockdowns and that the army is transporting COVID positive patients and those who have had contact with them to the “Howard Springs quarantine centre.”

Below is an image of the Howard Springs Quarantine Camp.

Australian’s own Department of Health has helped craft the narrative claiming that the quarantine facilities are “”intended to support the quarantine of returning international travelers.”

Looks, like Gunner spilled the beans while trying to thank the military for assisting him.

Antifa has mobilized in Melbourne Australia and violently attack a Jewish reporter who has been covering the draconian lockdowns.