VIDEO: Another Democrat Hoax Goes Up In Smoke

Dr. Michelle Fiscus, a pediatrician, was the vaccine medical director for the State of Tennessee until she was fired in July.

Fiscus was terminated after she published a memo advocating minors get medical care without their parents permission.

The pediatrician fled to CNN and told Anderson Cooper that she was sent a “dog muzzle.” She noted that whoever sent her the dog muzzle “obviously didn’t know” her, because the muzzle that was sent was “a size 3 which is for Beagles and,” Fiscus said, she’s “obviously a Pitbull.”

Fiscus claimed that her termination was a political move orchestrated by Republicans and told investigators the muzzle was sent as a threat hinting she should “stop talking about vaccinating people.”

Fiscus and her husband claimed in many interviews that the muzzle was sent anonymously to her state office before she was terminated.

However, an investigation conducted by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security found that Fiscus purchased the muzzle using her American Express card.

From Axios:

When asked by investigators, Fiscus provided information for an Amazon account in her name. It was a different account than the one used to purchase the muzzle.

The investigation concluded that “the results of this investigation that purchases from both Amazon accounts were charged to the same American Express credit card in the name of Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus.”

Fiscus is now denying the report claiming she did not create the account despite the fact her American Express card was used to purchase the muzzle. In the statement below you’ll note she does address the fact her personal credit card made the purchase.