VIDEO: Biden Spins A Whopper Of Lie To Cover Up His Unwelcoming Reception In New Jersey

Joe Biden doesn’t like to be challenged he always thinks he knows better and hecklers in New Jersey got under his skin.

According to reports Biden was heckled by many residents while he was surveying the damage from Hurricane Ida.

“My country is going to s— and you’re allowing it!” one woman yelled. “I’m an immigrant and I’m proud of this country! I’d give my life for this country. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.”

“All this for a f— photo-op?” one man shouted. “You ain’t gonna do s—!”

From the New York Post:

Multiple protesters were photographed giving the president a middle finger as he drove from Hillsborough Township to nearby Manville.

One person held a protest banner that said “F— Biden And F— You for Voting For Him.” Another sign said “Biden go back 2 the basement.”

To refute the hecklers Biden said, “The people who stand on the other side of the fences, who don’t live there, who are yelling that we’re interfering with free enterprise by doing something about climate change — they don’t live there. They don’t understand.”

In the video below you’ll see the people who “are yelling” were standing in their yards because they do live there. This may be a hard concept for Biden to understand because of his cognitive decline.

The fact that Biden even took the time to mention them tells you he knows his approval ratings are in the dump and the residents really got under his skin. Biden also failed to address the fact that the people were yelling at him about climate change they were furious about how he handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Biden then made a plea for more insane government spending.