VIDEO: Biden’s Brain Breaks Trying To Do Damage Control To Counter The ‘Freedom Flu’

They trotted Biden out again to try and soften his expected vaccine testing rule amid a massive amount of backlash. The president was attempting to do damage control but he just couldn’t get the words out.

The fact that he mentioned the flight delays at Southwest tells you they are nervous and losing the narrative.

If Biden was confident he wouldn’t have bolted like a coward.

There are reports that Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete’s phone is ringing off the hook.

Biden and Southwest executives are claiming the flight cancelation had nothing to do with the mandate however, the company has changed their tune.

Independent journalist Alex Berenson reported:

On a video call yesterday, the company’s CEO encouraged employees who don’t want to be vaccinated to apply for exemptions and said he didn’t want anyone to lose a job over vaccinations. Last week, the language went like this: “Failure to comply with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy will result in termination of employment.” (Still, the mandate remains in place, unless Southwest simply decides to wave through every exemption request.)

On October 13, American Airlines canceled 300 flights (that’s 10% of their schedule) and delayed another 673. The only air carrier that doesn’t seem to be struggling is Delta who has decided to not impose a mandate.

It’s not just the airlines, the Chicago Police Union has announced that about 50% of the force is going to walk off the job if the city imposes its mandate.

It appears that this is really going to happen too. The Aldermen’s of the 19th and 13th Wards of the city sent a nervous letter to Mayor Lightfoot. Those wards represent about 2,200 CPD officers and they are worried what’s going to happen come the deadline. The Aldermen’s begged the mayor to reconsider the vaccine mandate.

Almost 300 officers appear to be ready to walk off the job in Seattle, they’ve had enough and the vaccine mandate appears to be the straw that broke the camels back. Over the past year due to the riots and politics 300 officers have already left.

There is another report that the “freedom flu” is about to go international, Italian workers are preparing to paralyze the country until the incoming COVID passport is abolished.

Joe if you don’t want mandates to divide us, drop the OSHA rule.