VIDEO: Biden’s ‘Fart Gate’ Get’s Worse The International Press Continue to Torture Joe

For those that are not aware Biden farted loudly while speaking with the Duchess of Cornwall at the COP26 summit.

The White House refuses to confirm or deny that the incident took place but Camilla hasn’t stoped talking about it.

A source close to the Duchess said that the fart was “long and loud and impossible to ignore.”

The Duchess, 74, married to Prince Charles travelled to the Scottish city where she met with Biden after he took his nap on camera during th eCOP26 summit.

At one point Biden was asleep for about for almost half a minute until an aide roused him.

The international press is starting to have a field day with Biden calling the “let’s go Brandon” chant the “meme of the decade.”


The White House has refused to comment.

There are also rumors that Biden may also lost his bowels while overseas during a meet and greet with the pope.

Amy Tarkanian, former Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman posted a rumor that Biden lost his bowls while meeting with the Pope.

“The word around Rome is that Biden’s meeting with the Pope was unusually long because Biden had a bit of a ‘bathroom accident’ at the Vatican & it had to be addressed prior to him leaving,” she said.

The rumor has yet to be denied however Human Events reporter, Jack Posobiec found out the live stream with the Pope was cut because the Vatican refused to participate in choreographed propaganda.

The administration wanted the entire event staged – including camera angles – to drum up support from catholics but the Vatican said no.

Posobiec quoted from a White House source that:

“The White House Advance Team and Vatican Advance Team had last minute disagreement over shooting angles, moving in for sound bites, cut off time for live footage, and a plethora of other choreography-related issues.”

And I said, ‘what did you mean?’

“Advance Team One had soundbites. Biden had a few lines memorized and they wanted the Pope to say something specific in response to those lines. Plus specific camera angles. It was supposed to be playing it up for Catholic America. The Vatican said ‘you’ll get what you’ll get but we aren’t going to do these movie sequel scenes.’ Advance Team said no. Vatican said ‘fine, no live footage at all.’ Obviously something that should have been brought up in advance. He was going to thank Francis for praying for America, and then Biden was going to say that he’s working hard to bring prayer back into the American way of life in the midst of these trying times. He was also going to tell Francis his favorite verse, and all that soundbite stuff. They were hoping that Francis, then, would say something in response to him that could be seen as the Pope’s endorsement of Biden as a true Catholic.”

It’s no wonder everything this administration does is fake, the president can’t even control his bowels.