VIDEO: Economist Warns More Staggering Numbers Coming After Biden’s Job Numbers Cause News Anchor To Do A Double Take

Biden’s job numbers came and they were so bad that it caused an CNBC news anchor to do a double take.

The Biden administration was also forced to come clean, they had to revise the March numbers as well, it was all bad.

Well, if you think that was bad just wait for the inflation numbers to come this week. Economists and politicians are getting worried about the inflation caused by Biden’s policies.

Below is a liberal economist admitting it’s going to be bad.

Democrat policy is also catching up with them, they told people Trump was going to cause a super spreader event, they said if you go out to eat you’ll kill grandma, and they said people that attend church would cause super spreader events.

People stopped spending, many (especially in blue states) stay home. Over the past 6 months leftwing rhetoric was a FEARdemic. Now you have progressives virtue signaling, they won’t take their masks off (even though it’s safe), they won’t travel, or even go out to eat.

Well that activity is partially what’s driving down the economy, the medias propaganda is backfiring.

Note what Neel Kashakari, head of the Minnesota fed says, “It wasn’t the lockdowns” it was people deciding they aren’t going anywhere anymore and holding their money. Kashkaris highlights the importance of consumer psychology and how it is now effecting the economy.

Democrats spent almost a year talking down the greatest economy this county has ever had and it worked so good that it could sink their chances of staying in power.