VIDEO: Fauci Gets Feisty As Another Controversy Surrounding Him Is On The Horizon

There’s another Fauci controversy on the horizon and some believe it’s why he got feisty with Senator Rand Paul during a hearing.

Senator Paul cut right through Fauci’s word salad and clearly got under his skin.

However before the dust up with Paul, Fauci was having trouble answering questions.

At the end of the exchange Dr. Fauci called Senator Paul a liar however in the video below Fauci talks about lifting the ban on gain-of-function research.

The dust up during the hearing before senate occurred on the same day the Department of Health and Human Services delivered heavily redacted between the World Health Organization and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Judicial Watch received the emails through a Freedom of Informtion Act request and they reported many of the redacts were personal edits from Fauci on COVID related funding.

“The American people have every right to know key information on our government’s role in Covid,” DCNF President Neil Patel said in the statement Tuesday. “This sort of hiding, dodging and stonewalling is one reason why trust in national authorities is near all-time lows.”

“Fauci’s agency is in stonewall mode – and has granted the corrupted WHO a special secrecy exemption from FOIA,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

The original FOIA request was filed in April of 2020 and were just now released.

“The FOIA request at issue here concerns records that are likely to shed light on the China and WHO disinformation campaign on coronavirus — the stonewall seems calculated to undermine [President Donald Trump] and protect WHO and China,” Fitton said in October 2020.

Below is a screenshot of many of the redacted emails, as you’ll see the entire content of the email was blacked out.

Below are screenshots from the US Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Financial Resources Jen Moughlaian, note the entire email had been redacted.

If you wish to review Fauci’s emails for yourself click here.