VIDEO: Grandma Arrested In New Hampshire Over Mask

In some parts of the country it is still April 2020 regardless of dropping cases and vaccine rollouts, especially in the northeast.

Kaate Bossi and Jessica Williams are not right wing radicals, Bossi is a grandmother and Williams is 5’2 mother of two. The pair from New Hampshire are a growing number of Americans challenging COVID restrictions that no longer make sense or counter CDC guidelines.

During a public meting of the Timberland Regional School Board Police arrested Bossi not for disturbing the peace, but for simply not wearing a mask. In a video on YouTube Bossi’s daughter, jackie Wydola is heard saying, “Mom, I love,” as three Plaistow, NH police officer take Bossie into custody.

A few weeks before, chair of the Governor Wentworth Regional School Board called the police on Williams because she was sitting alone in a school auditorium unmasked. Wolfeboro Police Chief Dean Rondeau personally responded to the call and refused to arrest Williams.

“I don’t think a judge would look kindly on removing a member of the public from a public meeting for not wearing a mask,” Rondeau said.

Apparently Plaistow, NH police do not have the same ideals as Wolfeboro.

“My constitutional and statutory right to attend a public meeting of a public body supersedes the school district’s ability to force me to wear particular articles of clothing against my will,” Williams said in an interview.

What’s even more outrageous about the arrest is that the states mask mandate ended on April 16.

The lefts beloved Dr. Fauci has also caused confusion surrounding the use of masks, admitting that wearing masks after being vaccinated was theater not “science.”

Fauci’s own emails that were recently made public explain the science to Obama’s team that the use of regular face coverings is useless.

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