VIDEO: Hear the ‘Liberal Privilege’ In Their Voice As Portland ‘Protestor’ Is Arrested By Federal Officers, ‘Are You…

I got a new word “liberal privilege.” It means snarky, white, elite, liberals who have never been held accountable for anything and think they can do/say whatever they want.

That’s what happened as an extremist was arrested by federal agents after trying to intervene in the arrest of another “peaceful protestor.”

The woman who thought because of her liberal privilege she could kick federal officers several times. As she was being arrested she claimed she’s “a nice young woman from Wisconsin.”

“You’re going to do this to me?” She continued. “Are you serious?”

You can tell these extremists have never been held accountable for anything in their lives.

“Peaceful protestors” threw a molotov cocktail, rocks, explosive projectiles, and other objects at federal officers protecting the courthouse in Portland on Sunday night. As federal officers cleared the crowd those that resisted were arrested. That is when this the “nice young woman from Wisconsin” was taken into custody.

Most of these videos were obtained from Shelby Talcott who writes for the conservative website, The Daily Caller.

In the first video below, at the 5-second mark look below the feet of the “protestor” with the white helmet, you’ll see a pile of rocks on the ground that is being thrown at federal officers. The second video shows “peaceful protestors” throwing rocks at federal agents.

After the rocks were being thrown a molotov cocktail was thrown at the courthouse.

Federal authorities then moved in…

Here’s another angle of the arrest of the “nice young woman from Wisconsin.”