VIDEO: Biden Is Getting Scolded Over His ‘Bold’ New Plan, ‘He Should Double, Doing Whatever…’

The mainstream media is not happy with Biden.

It’s fun watching what’s unfolding, the media, liberals, and those outside Washington all thought having Biden as president would magically make everything great because “orange man bad.” Well, the buyers remorse and disappointment is starting to unfold and it’s hilarious.

Before he took office, Biden was clamoring that he was going to “beat the virus” because President Trump killed 300,000 people.

So his team thought that saying they would vaccinate 1 million people a day would look great and ran with it loudly proclaiming, “we are going to vaccinate 100 million people in 100 days.”

CNN’s Dr. Fareed Zakaria realized this and since their precoius Biden must do a better job than President Trump he attacked Biden.

“Biden’s current goal of vaccinating a million people a day is far too modest,” Zakaria said. “He should double that, doing whatever it takes to achieve herd immunity… This will instantly boost America’s standing and give the President leverage with everyone.”

Earlier, last week Associated Press reporter, Zeke Miller challenged Biden and asked if he thought 100 million vaccines within 100 days was “too low.”

Biden scolded him and said, “Give me a break, man. It’s a good start.”

It’s gotten even worse for the Biden Administration after Dr. Fauci made a “clarification.”

“Let me clarify that because there was a little bit of an understanding. What we’re talking about is 100 million shots in individuals,” the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director said.

“At the end of a hundred days, you’re going to have some people who will have gotten both shots, and some will still be on their first shots,” Fauci added.

They haven’t even been in office a full week yet and they are down playing expectations about their horrible plan.

New York Post