VIDEO: MSNBC’s Joy Reid Paralyzed After Well Executed Rebuke From Rap Superstar

Joy Reid has been silenced after Rap super star Nicki Manaj unleashed a barrage of well-researched criticism.

It all started when rap superstar Nicki Manaj said she is hesitant to get the coronavirus vaccine after her cousin had complications.

Notice all Minaj said was “pray on it & make sure you’re comfortable with your decision, not bullied.”

What happened next was insane, it was like the media had already prewritten the stories.

USA Today, The Daily Beast, and Yahoo News all wrote fake news stories about her and MSNBC’s Joy Reid scolded her.

Minaj is very savvy and her response to Reid was vicious.

Mega radio host star Charlamagne tha god also ripped Reid for bashing Minaj.

What should be noted is that people are starting to wake up and even Manaj is hip to the shenanigans of the mainstream media.