It’s Not Funny Anymore: Watch What Kamala Has To Do To Help A Very Confused Joe

It is no wonder they censored information about Joe’s physical.

A video has surfaced from earlier this year and it may be the worst video so far of President Biden. Wait until you see what the Secret Service and Kamala Harris have to do to keep Joe from getting lost.

By now most of us have all seen President Biden fall up the stairs and if you haven’t the video is below.

A video showed Biden on a tarmac with Vice President Kamala Harris at first it looks like a typical meet and great however, then Biden looks really confused. Biden starts to wander back and forth as agents try to direct him in the right direction. Eventually, Kamala Harris points her boss in the right direction and pats him on the back.

You’ll see below that Twitter has removed the video and shutdown the account, but it has been reposted on Rumble. The user that posted the video on Twitter had his account shut down.

Biden is also getting backlash for his trip up the steps after he made fun of the way then-President Trump walked.

The problem is the whole administration is a joke, below is what happened when a reporter ask Vice President Harris a semi-tough question about the coronavirus.

It gets even more cringe in the video below, this is so scripted it’s disgusting.

According to a report from OANN’s Jack Posobiec Biden’s foot is still bothering him.