VIDEO: Pelosi Flips Out After Trump Acquitted Storms Off Stage Screaming During Question From The Press

Two timed loser House Speaker Nancy Pelosi didn’t take it well after President Trump was acquitted for the second. During a press conference she got so mad she stormed off screaming after taking a question from the press.

Pelosi was asked if the House would censure former President Trump since they lost the impeachment trial and she started yelling and shaking her hands. She then walked back to the podium and said, “Censure is a slap in the face of the Constitution. It lets everybody off the hook.”

“Oh, these cowardly senators who couldn’t face up to what the president did and what was at stake for our country are now going to have a chance to give a little slap on the wrist?” she added smacking the podium.

“We don’t censure people for inciting insurrection that kills people in the Capitol,” Pelosi concluded.

It wasn’t just Pelosi that had a total meltdown other liberals did as well and began to post them online.

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich wrote: “To: President Joseph Biden From: Every American who saw what the GOP did today. Forget unity. Forget bipartisanship. Forget compromose. This is Trump’s mob. Eliminate the filiburster and get everhting America needs done now.”

What perhaps was most comical was that liberals were blaming Mitch McConnell for Trump’s acquittal, who is no longer is in charge of the Senate. However, McConnell had no power over the trial Democrats were in charge of everything. House managers wanted to call witness however, Schumer knew Republicans would draw the trial out for weeks if they did that and shut them down.

Democrats thirst for revenge is going to be their downfall.

The Hill