VIDEO: President Jill? Biden Reluctantly Admits Jill Biden Is Crafting Policy, ‘I Have To Admit, If I Didn’t…

We’ve all been wondering who’s in charge and it appears that First Lady Jill Biden is actually the one ruling the roost and Vice President Kamala Harris has some competition.

When Biden was showcasing his free education (pre-K through community college plan) he admitted that First Lady Jill Biden crafted the legislation.

“I have to admit, if I didn’t have these positions, I’d be sleeping” in a different bed room.

Immediately below, you’ll watch Jill Biden open the event with a passionate speech, there’s little doubt she rafted the legislation.

We cued the video up below:

During the appearance Biden also slipped up explaining his tax plan.

“I keep hearing in the press: ‘Biden’s going to raise your taxes.’ Anybody making less than $400k a year will not pay a single penny in taxes…”

It appears that Joe also knocked over a plexiglass frame as well.

Watch his eyes, notice how hard he is trying to read the teleprompter.

Aside from his speech during a joint session of Congress Biden has been constantly creating awkward moments.

He messed up trying to tell a story about America…

And he couldn’t find his mask…