VIDEO: The Tide Is Changing, Pushback From All Over The Country Has The White House Stunned

Rush Limbaugh had a saying that when the media is silent about a contentious issue it’s really bad for Democrats.

The media was quick to cover Texas Governor ban on vaccine mandates but they haven’t said a word about people catching the “freedom flu.”

Americans are deciding that they aren’t going to put up with draconian COVID restrictions so they are either leaving the work force or making a statement.

Southwest airlines crews are reportedly making a statement, it would appear that a large amount of employees are using their sick time all at once.

For the fifth day in a row Southwest has had to cancel flights, the airline won’t blame it on the mandate but admitted staff shortages.

CEO Greg Kelly went on CNBC to claim he was against corporate vaccine mandates but Biden made him do it.

Americans are also standing their ground, watch this brave nurse that was hailed as a hero last year being escorted off the property after being fired because she wasn’t vaccinated.

The Brooklyn Nets have announced that player Kyrie Irving will not be allowed to play or practice with the team until he is vaccinated.

As Biden threatens to unleash a mandate on American workers and companies are imposing strict rules and a record 4.3 million people are quit their jobs. People for one reason or another are fed up and the current policy of the administration doesn’t give them hope.

Biden’s policies are crippling America yet he seems determined to drive the country into the ground.