Virginia Senate Thumbs It’s Nose At Gun Owners & Passes Controversial Law

Just two days after a massive rally on the capitol grounds in Richmond, Virginia Democrats passed a controversial gun law.

The vote for the Red Flag law SB 240 was passed along party lines 21- 19 in the Senate and will head for the House. Republicans blasted the bill saying that it is an assault on gun rights and civil liberties. According to Democrats, the law will give authorities the ability to take guns away from people deemed dangerous to themselves or others.

WHSV 3 is reporting that several anti-guns laws have been passed despite their massive unpopularity:

SB 70, which would establish mandatory background checks for any transfer of firearms, including private sales. That bill, amid the priorities outlined in Gov. Northam’s agenda for the 2020 session, passed the Senate on 23-17 vote, with two Republicans joining Democrats to support it.

Senate Bill 69 would institute a “one gun a month” law for Virginia limiting citizens to one handgun purchase within any 30-day period.

Senate Bill 35 gives local governments the authority to ban the possession of firearms in public spaces during events that requires a permit, like protests. It passed on a 21-19 party-line vote as well.

There was a serious backlash to the most controversial bill of all, SB 16 which allowed the confiscation of AR-15’s, it never made it out of committee after the NRA flooded the capitol last Monday.

Apparently, 22,000 gun owners showing up on the capitol grounds just two days ago didn’t make the Democrats think twice when it came to the Red Flag bill. But, they are on Democrat presidential primary candidates Michael Bloomberg’s payroll and the deal was strict gun laws needed to be passed. Virginia Democrats are trying to get as many laws passed as possible because they know it’s only a matter of time before they are voted out of office. The rallies and pushback from across the state are enough to prove these Democrats are on borrowed time.

What the Senate Democrats did in Virginia is just as bad as what a Democrat presidential primary said about the hero in West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas that saved his fellow church members.