VP Pence Blows Dems Out Of The Water, Sets The Record Straight With Rush Limbaugh, ‘I Truly Do Believe, If Current Trend Lines Hold, That By…’

Much to the dismay of Democrats Vice President Pence set the record straight on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Vice President Pence has been placed in charge of the coronavirus task force and believes that the coronavirus pandemic could be “largely…behind us” by early June.

Pence noted that the task force has seen “trends” that many Americans have had the virus and never knew it.

“I truly do believe, I truly do believe that if current trend lines hold, that by early June, we could largely have this coronavirus epidemic behind us, and begin to see our nation open back up and go back to work,” Pence said.

Limbaugh brought up the data being ignored by the media that shows at least in California the virus has either been around longer than previously thought or those that have been infected symptoms were not as severe. Below is a partial transcript:

RUSH: We are speaking with Vice President Pence. What is the reaction of the task force at large? It’s made up of many, many people. You have your health experts, Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci. What is the reaction when you see the Stanford study of Santa Clara County showing that the number of cases may actually be greater by a factor of 50 times?

Meaning there may be many more people infected than we know, which would bring the death rate, the mortality rate way, way down. USC did a similar study of LA County with again the same numbers. We think there may be 50 times the reported number of people infected out there again lowering the mortality rate to like the flu, 0.1%. What’s the task force reaction when you see that that news is being reported across the country?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: Well, and I saw this morning at least it was reported that Governor Cuomo said that some of their antibody testing was showing very significant amount of people who had had the coronavirus and were not aware of it, what they call asymptomatic. What I would tell you is it’s something that we have been watching for and frankly anticipating for some time.

Our health experts have been very clear from early on. The fact that the coronavirus is three times more contagious than the flu, and the fact that as we have done testing, we have been able to see trends that suggest that many people that have the coronavirus will have either just flu-like symptoms or no symptoms at all.

I will tell you that our team will not be surprised to see evidence in the days ahead, particularly as these antibody tests continue to scale across America, that a large number of Americans have been exposed, contracted it, and ultimately developed the antibodies in their system to defeat it —

RUSH: Right.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: — either with mild flu symptoms or no symptoms at all.

RUSH: No symptoms at all.

THE VICE PRESIDENT: The good news — the good news of all of that, Rush, is that we don’t… This is a new virus, right? So we don’t have hard data. The scientists always make that clear to us. But there is the highest likelihood that if you’ve had this coronavirus in the past that you will enjoy some immunity from it in the future.

And it’s among the reasons why our nation, should the coronavirus reemerge at any time in the future — why our nation — will be in a much better place. We’ll have new medicines called therapeutics. We’re working around the clock on vaccines. We’re deploying testing to make sure and identify quickly contact, trace, and isolate people that have it.

But make no mistake about it: If some of those early studies hold out, there will be an awful lot of Americans in the fall and in the winter of next year that actually enjoy a degree of immunity from the coronavirus. And that will be — and that will also be a bulwark against this as well.

So I just… I have to tell you, though, as we think about the future, I want your listeners to know that everything that we’re looking at every single day is a tribute to what they have done. And we urge them to continue to do it. We urge them to continue to practice that social distancing, to continue to, you know, use the drive-thru at your local restaurant.

The media and Democrats know this is going to be over soon and they are doing everything they can to seize power and sneak in liberal policies.